Increase your Profits with these 8 Solutions to Generate Passive Income

1. EPCOM cloud: For installations where it is difficult to install a recorder or simply for security reasons, it is not the best option to install a physical DVR/NVR. Technology now offers us the chance to save all our information epcom’s cloud service. Easily accessible and with a free app. Through it, we can see all our recordings to which our license has scope, in addition to being able to see the live video.

2. M2M: For applications that require a universal communicator for alarm and fire panels, ideal for alarm monitoring centers.

3. CEIBA: Video monitoring and Fleet GPS, charging your users a monthly or annual subscription.

4. EPCOM AX with MCDI / M2M: Event monitoring from the center alarm software, charging users a monthly or annual fee for the monitoring service.

5. NXRADIO: is the leading solution in secure broadband Push To Talk (PTT) communication services in the United States and Latin America (PoC), deployed in 2007.
We offer instant voice communication encrypted with AES-256, multimedia messaging, and GPS location in real-time through our professional application, which is compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows.

6. EPCOMGPS: Advanced tracking solution

Secure your business with relevant information and optimize every related process. Planning, monitoring, coordination, and control to guide your business to greater efficiency with the EPCOM GPS platform
EPCOM GPS is an innovative web platform for fleet management, and the system allows you to focus on the critical points of your business to maximize efficiency and control.

7. Virtual cards by SUPREMA and HID: Virtual cards allow greater security, and administration is possible from the cloud using a very friendly web portal. The virtual cards are compatible with IOS and Android, and their readers are compatible with most access control panels that accept Wiegand.

8. Unified Telephony, PON Technology, and WISP Services:

  • Unified telephony:

The recurrence and monetary return in unified communications have become fundamental, given that communication services are essential today. The limits of distance and presence have changed drastically; with Grandstream solutions in the Cloud, you can manage the PBX equipment and scopes, such as system configuration, line management, and (or) call, among other functions.

The management and administration capabilities are continually expanded, the scope of the UCMRC platform allows us to have unified connectivity and portability in the different mobile platforms, with high quality in both Audio and Video.

  • PON technology

The high demand for effective communication, the unprecedented progress of the needs of mobile applications, streaming platforms, and new social networks have totally seized communications and traditional Internet services, leaving them outside the average market of services offered by internet providers, forcing new communication trends to be implemented in their services, such as PON technology “Passive Fiber Optic Network” from which different levels are derived such as EPON / GPON / 10GPON to cite some examples and in this way the terms FTTx, FTTh, etc.

What we must consider at this time is that the largest Carriers and those that are being born to offer communication services, are inclined towards these communication technologies via Fiber optics, where the deployments of this are medium and large scale, leading from its data centers kilometers away to the subscribers who will enjoy these services, of the most important and prestigious brands worldwide are: Fiberhome, V-SOL, TP-Link, in EPCOM we have the complete solutions, to be able to start a project from the deployment of fiber optics, to active terminal devices that are OLTs and ONUs type equipment.

Today, the combination of hybrid networks is becoming more common, the main reason is based on 2 aspects, the availability of connectivity services in areas of difficult access, where for example fiber optic lines are almost impossible or too expensive the implementation of these, for which WIPS technologies are used, such as PTP backhauls in 5, 11 or 24Ghz bands, these serve as the backbone of the deployment network and then OLTs are installed to provide fiber service in the last mile, significantly saving operating and installation costs.

Being one of the main brands of high-end radio links, MIMOSA, provides a large portfolio of PTMP and PTP solutions, thus contributing in parallel with the technological trends of the different sectors and global needs, EPCOM as a Master Dealer is committed to its distribution channels and customers to always offer the most appropriate solution and guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our customers and their end users.

We share the video where you can see the summary of the solutions:
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