ACM63WT Display and ACVP61W Door-Phone: A Comprehensive Connection Guide

Welcome to the connection guide for the ACM63WT displays and ACVP61W door-phone. This guide will walk you through the process of connecting these devices using a PoE switch connection. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to activate your ACM63WT displays and ACVP61W door-phone and visualize them on the IVMS-4200 software.

Please note that this guide assumes that you have access to a PoE switch and that your devices have already been given IP addresses on the same IP segment.

With that said, let’s get started and connect your ACM63WT displays and ACVP61W door-phone to your network for optimal performance.

IVMS-4200 activated devices

Here is a connection diagram showing the IP addresses of the devices to help you visualize how they are connected to the network.

Device connection diagram with PoE.
  • Main station display:
  • Extension display:
  • Video door-phone:

This is the configuration of our video door-phone. We are checking our IP address ( we will have to check on the main indoor station that they match.

Basic settings, video door-phone IP network settings in the image, the MAC address, and MTU have been hidden.

Check that the settings are the same on the intercom tab.

Video door-phone intercom settings

These are the settings for our main indoor station; check that the settings on the red box are the same.

Check that (Main) Door Station IP Address matches your door-phone IP address (in this example, Also that your Main Door Station Type matches the option shown in the image.

Group network settings for the main indoor station

Check the settings of your ACM63WT extension, that Device Type matches Indoor extension and that Main Indoor Station IP matches your main ACM63WT IP address (

Group network settings for the indoor extension