The Dangers of Lock Picking

The Youtuber LockPickingLawyer, with more than 50 Million monthly views, has become a sensation with short tutorials where he explains how to open practically any lock.

He has videos that show examples such as high-security locks, vehicle locks, and even professional locks like Mul-T-Lock.

His videos show us how vulnerable any mechanical system is and how easy it is to get tools to abuse any mechanism.

But that’s not all, it also demonstrates basic vulnerabilities in electronic access control systems where there is no controller present or it is a low-level terminal:

He is very good at explaining, and one can spend several hours watching videos without stopping.

All the videos follow the same format: Talk about the lock model or manufacturer, “Picking,” and then disassemble the equipment to understand how it is inside.

In the end, we conclude:

  • If access to an area depends on a mechanical lock, however secure it may be, it is possible to violate it by following a video on Youtube.
  • Our Access Leader always mentions: “What is exposed will always be vulnerable.”

How to avoid lockpicking? How does a Professional Access Control System Works?

Professional access control uses an access controller to activate/deactivate the lock; the reader/biometric is not directly connected to the lock.

In this example, a card reader sends the information to a controller and opens the door:

A controller or group of controllers can manage several doors in different locations or cities.