Ambient Audio and PA Solutions

Looking for an IP audio solution for your business? Grandstream has the perfect solution for you! Their GSC-3505 1-way SIP speaker with Bluetooth is the ideal solution for integrating audio into your IP network.

This speaker is integrated into the network via the SIP protocol, allowing it to function like any other extension on your PBX. This way, you can use it to make voice announcements throughout your company.

In addition, this 1-way speaker also has the flexibility to integrate with broadcasting systems, allowing you to transmit radio stations over the IP network. This is achieved through the RTSP protocol, which can be used with multimedia players such as VLC.

What makes it so amazing? Grandstream’s IP speaker is easy to use and install and can be an economical solution for any business. This speaker fits into any work environment with its sleek and functional design.

In summary, if you’re looking for an IP audio solution for your company, Grandstream’s 1-way SIP speaker with Bluetooth is an excellent option. Integrating Grandstream’s IP speaker solution into your IP network is easy, and the speaker is a flexible and economical solution for your audio communication needs in your business.

Don’t hesitate to add Grandstream’s GSC-3505 IP speaker to your business communication solutions to improve communication in your business!

Avoiding Costly Downtime: The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Fiber Optic Cabling

When the fiber optic cable retracts internally, it loses a significant portion or all of its connection to the last fusion or connectorization point. In the worst case, there may be a complete fracture at any point along the fiber drop.

To explain it more clearly, fiber optic cables and all their components are subject to physical changes due to weather conditions or environmental factors such as humidity, cold, heat, UV rays, etc. The core loses tension on the buffer in the loose tube, which can result in a catastrophic failure that can affect 1 user or thousands of them.

  • Some brands not recognized by international standards and manufactured in India include Cablix, Policab, KEI, etc.

The image below shows the failure, where the core retracts and is not at the level of the connectorization point to make the correct splice and continue with the light beam.

  • The costs of these repairs and fault-finding are very high, as well as the worst experience for users, which can lead to losing customers.

M2M – Reactivating devices from the management platform (REACTIVAM2M)

Steps to add a REACTIVAM2M to an M2M device in the management platform (

These steps work for all M2M family devices that require reactivation to add their corresponding annual fee.

If the communicator is already suspended and inactive for longer than its PREPAY END DATE, the platform will display the “ACTIVATE DEVICE” option.

First, we need to search for the communicator, double-click on it, and go to the home page.

To activate it, we need to click on “ACTIVATE DEVICE.”

It will ask us if we want to add a REACTIVAM2M, to which we say yes.

We will then see another option, where we click on “voucher.”

A new window will open where we can enter the REACTIVAM2M voucher code found on the invoice.

In the invoice there will be 15 digits that would be our “Voucher Number” enter those digits

After entering, click save

Verify that the option of (ACTIVATE DEVICE) disappears.

It is important to enter the annual voucher as soon as possible, as the reactivation code only gives you until the end of the current month to enter the annual payment. If the annual payment is not entered, the communicator will be suspended. In this case, another reactivation code must be purchased to reactivate the communicator.

How to reset a password for epcom devices?

In the following manual, we explain the process to follow so you can reset the password of epcom devices using XML.

To reset the password of an epcom brand IP camera with firmware version 5.3.0 or higher, of a DVR/NVR with firmware version 3.1.7 or higher, or of a video intercom or alarm, it is necessary to carry out the following procedure:

1.- Download and install the software SADP version (download here).

2.- Select the device on which you want to reset the password, press the Forgot Password button (located in the lower right corner), press the “Export” button, and select the folder you want to save the exported file (XML).

3.- Email the previously generated XML file to the following email addresses: [email protected], followed by the following information:

  • Complete serial number in SADP. (Example: DS-72xxABCDXY/SN123456789ABCD123456789ABCD)
  • Full name of the applicant.
  • Customer number and billing name in SYSCOM.
  • Name of the company.
  • Phone number.

You will receive an XML file in response in order to import it. (The response may take approximately 15-20 minutes)

In case you need to reset several devices, please send an email per file with all the information.

It is necessary to send the files without compression, send the file as the software outputs it.

4.- Load the XML file in SADP, set a password of 8 characters (at least one letter and one number), confirm it, and finally press the “Confirm” button so that the password is reset.

Important notes:

  1. The password reset procedure is only valid on the same day.
  2. The device should not be restarted during the entire procedure.
  3. SADP versions or higher support the new procedure, previous ones do not.
  4. The service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday (Miami time)
  5. In case you need the file urgently, please contact the Engineering Department.
  6. In case you need to reset several devices, please send an email per file.
  7. If the file does not work for you, please restart the device to be reset, close the software, and run it as an administrator to generate a new file and repeat the sending process (as a recommendation, connect the device directly to your computer, the computer should have a fixed IP)
  8. It is also possible to generate the file through the iVMS-4200 software.

Hikvision Alarm AX PRO – Adding Tag (DS-PT-M1) to Tag Reader (DS-PT1-WB) on AX PRO Panel


To add a tag (key fob), it is necessary to have a registered tag reader. To add the tag reader, you can see the procedure here. Once a tag reader has been added, it is necessary to go to the panel’s configuration by clicking on the gear icon.

Within the configuration, you must expand the “User Management” option.

Here, you will need to go to the “Card/Tag” option.

Once here, the registered cards will appear. To add a new card, you must click on the “+” icon.

Now, all you have to do is present the tag to the reader.

Once registered, the tag’s data will appear.

Hikvision Alarm AX PRO – Adding Tag Reader (DS-PT1-WB) to AX PRO Panel


To add a tag reader (key fob) to the panel, you must go to the “Devices” section and click on the “+” icon, as if you were adding a sensor.

You only need to scan the QR code of the tag reader you want to add.

In this case, you need to remove the back cover of the reader and, when scanning the QR code, have the switch turned off. When you see the next image, turn it on and put it in the on position.

This will add the reader so it can be configured.

It will be displayed in the “Device” section.

EPCOM Networking Trends for 2023

I am sharing with you this mega product list that EPCOM will focus on this 2023 for its networking department.

Click on the keywords to be redirected to the product lists.

  • Fiber Optic, exponential growth, THERE IS A HIGH DEMAND FOR FIBER DROP & ADSS/MINIADSS. We are focusing on the promotion and sale of these products. We have the best price.🎆💥
  • Active equipment for FTTH networks, we are going all-in with V-SOL, Fiberhome, and TP-Link. In general, those who buy optic fiber are ISP’s, and they require FTTH equipment. NOBODY CAN COMPETE WITH OUR V-SOL PRICES, 😎 WE ALREADY NOW. 😎
  • Radiolinks have not disappeared, but we notice a substantial change and decrease in this technology. What changed?.. Well, these systems are being replaced by optic fiber; this solution is being used for projects where fiber is impossible, and they are also only installing it in the last mile. Move your customers to FIBER OPTICS, ADAPT TO CHANGE… YOU COULD BE LOSING MONEY, AND YOU HAVE NOT REALIZED…💲💸
  • We will continue supporting links on less saturated bands PTP and Backhauls, there is a future here, bands such as 11 GHz, 24 GHz, and 60 GHz, and the accessories for these will still be supported by epcom.
  • What is the use of having the highest quality equipment and consumables if you do not have the right tool?…this is one of the most expensive bad practices for our integrators and installers, the waste of time and passive resources is abysmal…We all know that changing a car tire with the tool in the luggage rack is tough… but what happens when you go to a tire shop… They do it in 10 minutes, they make it look like the easiest thing in the world ….WELL… the same thing happens with our integrators…. 🛠 PICK THE BEST TOOLS 🛠
  • We are renewing all the CTO, passive equipment for fiber optic NAP Box (Network Access Point)… We are going hard in these market in a matter of accessories, we will have the best prices for our clients.💪👍

Increase your Profits with these 8 Solutions to Generate Passive Income

1. EPCOM cloud: For installations where it is difficult to install a recorder or simply for security reasons, it is not the best option to install a physical DVR/NVR. Technology now offers us the chance to save all our information epcom’s cloud service. Easily accessible and with a free app. Through it, we can see all our recordings to which our license has scope, in addition to being able to see the live video.

2. M2M: For applications that require a universal communicator for alarm and fire panels, ideal for alarm monitoring centers.

3. CEIBA: Video monitoring and Fleet GPS, charging your users a monthly or annual subscription.

4. EPCOM AX with MCDI / M2M: Event monitoring from the center alarm software, charging users a monthly or annual fee for the monitoring service.

5. NXRADIO: is the leading solution in secure broadband Push To Talk (PTT) communication services in the United States and Latin America (PoC), deployed in 2007.
We offer instant voice communication encrypted with AES-256, multimedia messaging, and GPS location in real-time through our professional application, which is compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows.

6. EPCOMGPS: Advanced tracking solution

Secure your business with relevant information and optimize every related process. Planning, monitoring, coordination, and control to guide your business to greater efficiency with the EPCOM GPS platform
EPCOM GPS is an innovative web platform for fleet management, and the system allows you to focus on the critical points of your business to maximize efficiency and control.

7. Virtual cards by SUPREMA and HID: Virtual cards allow greater security, and administration is possible from the cloud using a very friendly web portal. The virtual cards are compatible with IOS and Android, and their readers are compatible with most access control panels that accept Wiegand.

8. Unified Telephony, PON Technology, and WISP Services:

  • Unified telephony:

The recurrence and monetary return in unified communications have become fundamental, given that communication services are essential today. The limits of distance and presence have changed drastically; with Grandstream solutions in the Cloud, you can manage the PBX equipment and scopes, such as system configuration, line management, and (or) call, among other functions.

The management and administration capabilities are continually expanded, the scope of the UCMRC platform allows us to have unified connectivity and portability in the different mobile platforms, with high quality in both Audio and Video.

  • PON technology

The high demand for effective communication, the unprecedented progress of the needs of mobile applications, streaming platforms, and new social networks have totally seized communications and traditional Internet services, leaving them outside the average market of services offered by internet providers, forcing new communication trends to be implemented in their services, such as PON technology “Passive Fiber Optic Network” from which different levels are derived such as EPON / GPON / 10GPON to cite some examples and in this way the terms FTTx, FTTh, etc.

What we must consider at this time is that the largest Carriers and those that are being born to offer communication services, are inclined towards these communication technologies via Fiber optics, where the deployments of this are medium and large scale, leading from its data centers kilometers away to the subscribers who will enjoy these services, of the most important and prestigious brands worldwide are: Fiberhome, V-SOL, TP-Link, in EPCOM we have the complete solutions, to be able to start a project from the deployment of fiber optics, to active terminal devices that are OLTs and ONUs type equipment.

Today, the combination of hybrid networks is becoming more common, the main reason is based on 2 aspects, the availability of connectivity services in areas of difficult access, where for example fiber optic lines are almost impossible or too expensive the implementation of these, for which WIPS technologies are used, such as PTP backhauls in 5, 11 or 24Ghz bands, these serve as the backbone of the deployment network and then OLTs are installed to provide fiber service in the last mile, significantly saving operating and installation costs.

Being one of the main brands of high-end radio links, MIMOSA, provides a large portfolio of PTMP and PTP solutions, thus contributing in parallel with the technological trends of the different sectors and global needs, EPCOM as a Master Dealer is committed to its distribution channels and customers to always offer the most appropriate solution and guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our customers and their end users.

We share the video where you can see the summary of the solutions:
Note video is in Spanish

EPCOM PROAUDIO – Connecting Speakers to Amplifier SF-B120 / SF-B240

The high-impedance audio systems help us connect multiple speakers to the same amplifier output and take these speakers to bigger distances.

The EPCOM PROAUDIO amplifiers give us a 120W output on the SF-B120 model and 240W for the SF-B240 model.

The connection of a Public Address (PA) system with 1 output is done by connecting our speakers in a “daisy chain” making the proper power connection in each speaker (TAPS); having only one line of speakers in our zone.

We can connect a microphone to the PA system and an external audio device to play audio on your system.

The connection diagram would be as shown below:

With this connection, we can operate a PA/ambient music system of 1 zone or output with several speakers playing.

NOTE: It is recommended to only have 80% of the power delivered by the amplifier to power the speakers and leave 20% free to operate safely and without damaging the products.

If you have any questions, please contact the engineering department.

UCMRC Platform by Grandstream

Good morning Efraim; I have doubts about the Grandstream UCMRC platform. Can you help me?
– Of course, this platform is only for Grandstream brand PBXs, specifically for the UCM63XX series; with this cloud platform, you can have storage, record calls on the Cloud, Firewall, up to 64 video/calls concurrent, the management of your PBX equipment, among other things.

Excellent Efraim; last month, I bought 2 UCM6302 and 2 UCM6304A devices from you. Are these compatible?
– Of course, they are compatible, it doesn’t matter if they are /A as long as they are from the UCM63XX series.

Perfect, I want to buy the PRO plan, I saw it on the Grandstream official page. What is the next step?
Sure, I’ll give you the models and information from our website, the model you need is the UCM-RC-PRO, so I need you to send me the MAC addresses of your PBX device, I will send this information to our “Networks” engineering department to be activated on our platform. At the same time, I’ll notify the “Purchasing” department to buy your license.

Thanks, Efraim. So I have access to the platform, I register them with the “Basic free” version, I make the payment, and you activate the PRO version for me?
Correct, as soon as you make the payment, it doesn’t take more than 48 hours to activate, and it will be reflected online automatically.

  • UCMRC Plataform for EPCOM