Video Door Entry Systems – Linking 2 or More IP Door Stations

We will outline the basic setup for adding a second (or more) door station to an existing IP door entry system.

We assume the initial system configuration has already been completed (a monitor is already set up with the main door station). Now, the next step is to link the additional missing door stations.

To begin, it’s important to identify our devices, as shown in our IVMS4200 program.

In this example, we already have an additional monitor, which does not affect our configuration.

The key concept to understand for performing this setup is as follows:

  • There are 2 passwords:
    1. Password: The activation password for the devices (the usual one)
    2. Registration Password: The key that allows the secondary door station to register with the main door station (i.e., to link them).


To begin, access the configuration of the SECONDARY DOOR STATION and set it as a slave (replace the number 0 with the number 1 if it’s the first slave station, number 2 if it’s the second, and so on). Do this in the “Villa Door Station No” parameter within the menu located below:

  • After that, the door station will restart.

Once rebooted, navigate to the “Session Settings” menu and enter the following:

  1. Main Door Station IP: Enter the IP address of the main door station.
  2. Registration Password: Here, you can assign any password you prefer. For our example, we’ll use “12345abc”.

Note: It’s preferable to use the same password as the activation password of the door station.


It’s necessary to access our main door station, select “Device Management,” and add the details of our secondary door station.

*NOTE: If your door station is DSKD8003IME1, then you must use remote configuration through IVMS4200. If your door station is a different model, you can do it through its web interface.

The information you input must be accurate for the secondary door station. Once you’ve entered the details, click “OK” (save). After about 1 minute, your second door station will be successfully added without any issues.