Project: Indoor Fiber Optic Wiring

– Good Morning, Bryan; I am working on an indoor fiber optic wiring project for a large university interconnecting several buildings. Can you help me?
Good morning, of course, explain to me what you need to do.

– I need to connect 2 buildings with underground fiber; the idea is to provide internet connection and high-demand internal services; let me attach the diagram with the distances:
Excellent; I’m going to recommend our IC-RISER-A2-12C fiber. This model has 12 single-mode threads, more than enough for your needs and with room for future growth. Remember that you should never leave the infrastructures at a capacity limit.

– Perfect, Bryan; we will run the fiber through the main SITE located in building “A” which is the library. From there, I will send the 2 connections to buildings B and C. Remember, this is an educational institution, and the highest quality and security standards are required.
Don’t worry; our fiber optic cable complies with OFNR Riser/LSZH jacket and has a maximum tension of 600 N.

– What does that mean? Can you explain it to me?
Of course, it means: The fiber optic cable jacket complies with flammability rating UL 1666 (OFNR) or NFPA 262 (OFNP), low smoke, and zero halogens (LSZH). This standard is required in educational institutions, government, and other applications.

On the other hand, let me send you some interconnection accessories that you will need, such as the 8 or 16-port FTB-523-SCA / FTB-522-SCA terminal boxes and the FASC connectors.

– Thank you, Bryan; send me the quote, please.
Certainly, you will receive your quote shortly in your email, have a great day.

FTB-523-SCA / FASC / FTB-522-SCA.

Powering up PoE devices with the POE-E304 by Planet

– Hello Carlos, I have an impossible mission!!!
Hello, impossible is my middle name… 😎 what is the mission?

– I have a UTP cable with PoE 802.3xx, but I only have a service drop and I need to connect 3 devices in that same cable. The devices support PoE, and I can’t use another PoE cable; the installation does not allow it, nor does the client, because it is a pole, and the wiring goes underground.
Very well, can you tell me what type of PoE supplies your cable?

– Carlos, I just confirmed that we are using a cable PoE 802.3bt at 60 watts; it is from a PoE extender that I purchased from my sales rep; it is a POE-173 by Planet; it previously only supplied an IP camera.
Understood. What are you connecting?

The client wants some IDIS  DC-T4811WRX-A cameras!
Perfect, I have the solution: here, we are going to use the POE-E304, which is a switch extender by Planet, WHY AM I RECOMMENDING IT: THE POE-304 CAN BE SUPPLIED WITH PoE 802.3at/bt and(or) TRANSFORMER, I attached the diagram of how to connect your Mission Impossible.

Excellent, Carlos Cruise 😎, send me the quote, and add 5 POE-E304, 12 more cameras, 1 IDIS NVR of 16 channels with 16TB, and 5 UTP cable boxes PRO-CAT-6-GELX.
Perfect, I will send it to your email.

“PoE input to supply power to the switch extender (POE-E304)”
“Table in watts of standards PoE 802.3 af / at / bt”