Powering up PoE devices with the POE-E304 by Planet

– Hello Carlos, I have an impossible mission!!!
Hello, impossible is my middle name… ­čśÄ what is the mission?

– I have a UTP cable with PoE 802.3xx, but I only have a service drop and I need to connect 3 devices in that same cable. The devices support PoE, and I can’t use another PoE cable; the installation does not allow it, nor does the client, because it is a pole, and the wiring goes underground.
Very well, can you tell me what type of PoE supplies your cable?

– Carlos, I just confirmed that we are using a cable PoE 802.3bt at 60 watts; it is from a PoE extender that I purchased from my sales rep; it is a POE-173 by Planet; it previously only supplied an IP camera.
Understood. What are you connecting?

The client wants some IDIS  DC-T4811WRX-A cameras!
Perfect, I have the solution: here, we are going to use the POE-E304, which is a switch extender by Planet, WHY AM I RECOMMENDING IT: THE POE-304 CAN BE SUPPLIED WITH PoE 802.3at/bt and(or) TRANSFORMER, I attached the diagram of how to connect your Mission Impossible.

Excellent, Carlos Cruise ­čśÄ, send me the quote, and add 5 POE-E304, 12 more cameras, 1 IDIS NVR of 16 channels with 16TB, and 5 UTP cable boxes PRO-CAT-6-GELX.
Perfect, I will send it to your email.

“PoE input to supply power to the switch extender (POE-E304)”
“Table in watts of standards PoE 802.3 af / at / bt”