How To Connect an Intercom to 2 Monitors Using IVMS-4200

1. First, add your devices to the IVMS 4200 Software, click on “Online
Devices.” Once you see the devices, click on them individually, then click

2. The username is always admin unless you have changed it. Once you fill out
the password, click “Add”

3. Once you have your devices added to the IVMS software

4. To get the serial number of the device on IVMS, click on the configuration
wheel of the “Indoor Station.” Then a menu will pop up

5. Once the menu opens, the first page that will open is “Device Information.”
In device information the last 9 digits before the U is the serial number

6. Once you have this information, go to your web browser and type in the IP
Address for the Intercom as follows;

7. Once you login to the intercom, head over to the “Device Management”

8. Once you are there, go to “+Add”

9. Fill in the fields with the information it asking you

10. Once you fill out the information and click “Ok.” The Registration Password
should be the same as the device password. The device will be added to the
list. It will be listed as Offline until we complete the next step.

11. For the next step, open IVMS-4200 and go to the monitor settings
you just added to the intercom.

12. A menu will pop up with all the configurations of the Monitor. Once you’re
there, go to “Network”, then “Group Network Settings”.

13. Once you are there, in “(Main) Door Station IP” you are going to put in the
IP Address of the Intercom. Once you fill that out, above it says
“Registration Password.” Put the same password you put for the device.
Then click “Save.”

14. Now go back to the “Device Management” page on the intercom, and
verify that under “Network Status” it says Online.

15. Once you have this configured, they should be able to communicate and
call. To add the second monitor, go to the configuration of the Monitor in
IVMS-4200 and go to “Intercom” and then “Extension Settings.”

16. Once there, go to “Add.” The information you will fill out here is for the 2 nd
monitor, you will enter the Serial Number of the 2 nd Monitor.

17. Once the information is saved. It will show up on your list as unregistered.
Once it is saved, go to the configuration of the 2 nd monitor. Go to
“Network,” then go to “Group Network Settings.”

18. Once you change it to “Indoor Extension.” Change the Number to 1. After
you save the configuration the menu will drop down, this will save the
configuration. After that you will open the configuration menu again and go
to “Network,” then “Group Network Settings” again.

19. Once there, Fill in the “Main Indoor Station IP.” This will be the IP address
of the 1st monitor, the Principal Monitor. Along with the registration

20. Once you save the settings, go back to the configurations of the 1st
monitor, the principal monitor. Go to “Intercom,” then “Extension
Settings.” The 2nd monitor should now be registered to the 1st monitor.

21. After this, you have now successfully registered all 3 devices.