Why should I install IP Video Surveillance? Lower Costs?

6 out of each 10 installed systems nowadays use IP technology and the tendency is to finish this 2021 with 8 out of each 10 systems.

Increases in the price of raw materials have raised the installation costs more than ever and correcting a detail in an installation is unaffordable.

Why are all video surveillance systems migrating to IP?

There is NO IMAGE NOISE in cameras, in IP the signal is digital

The IP camera signal is digital, this prevents its image quality from degrading due to distance, wiring, electrical noise, low-quality transceivers, or noise caused by the power source.

The signal of an IP camera can travel up to 300 M in twisted pair cable (Cat5e, Cat6), several kilometers through fiber optics or wireless links without affecting its image quality.

No distance limit!

The IP systems can be used to cover areas from a few meters away to hundreds of kilometers, ensuring the highest image quality.

Fewer Points of Possible Failure

Analog systems require additional external power supplies, transceivers (Baluns), and connectors, where poor installation can make maintenance a nightmare and create a poor user experience.

IP systems do not require external power sources and all connections use RJ45 or fiber optic connectors, clear cabling standards, and “future proof” (Ready to implement new technologies).

Future Proof

The networks of companies, businesses, and homes demand Gigabit, but in a few years 10Gb will be the standard, so the technology will follow.

An analog system cannot be updated, it is necessary to change all the equipment and even throw the wiring away (Different standard, coaxial cables, Cat6 is not enough…)

An installation with IP devices allows the user to update their equipment by reusing the same infrastructure, do not risk having to throw everything away.

Greater Image Quality

The best manufacturers use the best sensors, lens, and processing algorithms in their IP product lines such as HIKVISION PRO Series, WiseNET, and IDIS.

For this, we must all be clear that “Megapixels do not Equal Image Quality”, Megapixels only tell us the number of pixels.

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Here is an example of a 5 Megapixel analog camera compared to a Hikvision 4 Megapixel IP camera

5 Megapixel Camera Brand “X”
4 Megapixel Camera WDR 2 PRO Series
5 Megapixel Camera Brand “X”
4 Megapixel Camera WDR 2 PRO Series

Lower Cost of Installation and Maintenance

It is no secret that the cost of copper continues to rise and that it is increasingly difficult to cross additional cables in companies (full ceiling, full pipes).

IP Systems can all travel on the same Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, or fiber optic cable, allowing for cleaner, fail-safe installations, ready for new technologies and expandable without reaching the moment of “There is no space for a single cable the tube.”

Search Color, Pants, Backpack… Artificial Intelligence, Description Search

Search filters “Clothing Color”, “Gender”, “Backpack”, “Cap or Hat”, “Glasses”, and more..
“Searching women blue clothes.”

Vehicle License Plate Reading, Vehicle BRAND / Model / Color Identification

Identify BRAND / MODEL / Vehicle COLOR

   “Search FORD Red” “Search license plate ends 77”

Ready to Use Alternate Energies (Solar Energy)

IP Systems allow more flexible installations in 12 – 24V, without using inverters, converters, or more accessories that make the installation more complex.

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