Avoiding Costly Downtime: The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Fiber Optic Cabling

When the fiber optic cable retracts internally, it loses a significant portion or all of its connection to the last fusion or connectorization point. In the worst case, there may be a complete fracture at any point along the fiber drop.

To explain it more clearly, fiber optic cables and all their components are subject to physical changes due to weather conditions or environmental factors such as humidity, cold, heat, UV rays, etc. The core loses tension on the buffer in the loose tube, which can result in a catastrophic failure that can affect 1 user or thousands of them.

  • Some brands not recognized by international standards and manufactured in India include Cablix, Policab, KEI, etc.

The image below shows the failure, where the core retracts and is not at the level of the connectorization point to make the correct splice and continue with the light beam.

  • The costs of these repairs and fault-finding are very high, as well as the worst experience for users, which can lead to losing customers.