M2M – Reactivating devices from the management platform (REACTIVAM2M)

Steps to add a REACTIVAM2M to an M2M device in the management platform (https://m2mservices.com/Admin)

These steps work for all M2M family devices that require reactivation to add their corresponding annual fee.

If the communicator is already suspended and inactive for longer than its PREPAY END DATE, the platform will display the “ACTIVATE DEVICE” option.

First, we need to search for the communicator, double-click on it, and go to the home page.

To activate it, we need to click on “ACTIVATE DEVICE.”

It will ask us if we want to add a REACTIVAM2M, to which we say yes.

We will then see another option, where we click on “voucher.”

A new window will open where we can enter the REACTIVAM2M voucher code found on the invoice.

In the invoice there will be 15 digits that would be our “Voucher Number” enter those digits

After entering, click save

Verify that the option of (ACTIVATE DEVICE) disappears.

It is important to enter the annual voucher as soon as possible, as the reactivation code only gives you until the end of the current month to enter the annual payment. If the annual payment is not entered, the communicator will be suspended. In this case, another reactivation code must be purchased to reactivate the communicator.