Ambient Audio and PA Solutions

Looking for an IP audio solution for your business? Grandstream has the perfect solution for you! Their GSC-3505 1-way SIP speaker with Bluetooth is the ideal solution for integrating audio into your IP network.

This speaker is integrated into the network via the SIP protocol, allowing it to function like any other extension on your PBX. This way, you can use it to make voice announcements throughout your company.

In addition, this 1-way speaker also has the flexibility to integrate with broadcasting systems, allowing you to transmit radio stations over the IP network. This is achieved through the RTSP protocol, which can be used with multimedia players such as VLC.

What makes it so amazing? Grandstream’s IP speaker is easy to use and install and can be an economical solution for any business. This speaker fits into any work environment with its sleek and functional design.

In summary, if you’re looking for an IP audio solution for your company, Grandstream’s 1-way SIP speaker with Bluetooth is an excellent option. Integrating Grandstream’s IP speaker solution into your IP network is easy, and the speaker is a flexible and economical solution for your audio communication needs in your business.

Don’t hesitate to add Grandstream’s GSC-3505 IP speaker to your business communication solutions to improve communication in your business!