EPCOM PROAUDIO – Connecting Speakers to Amplifier SF-B120 / SF-B240

The high-impedance audio systems help us connect multiple speakers to the same amplifier output and take these speakers to bigger distances.

The EPCOM PROAUDIO amplifiers give us a 120W output on the SF-B120 model and 240W for the SF-B240 model.

The connection of a Public Address (PA) system with 1 output is done by connecting our speakers in a “daisy chain” making the proper power connection in each speaker (TAPS); having only one line of speakers in our zone.

We can connect a microphone to the PA system and an external audio device to play audio on your system.

The connection diagram would be as shown below:

With this connection, we can operate a PA/ambient music system of 1 zone or output with several speakers playing.

NOTE: It is recommended to only have 80% of the power delivered by the amplifier to power the speakers and leave 20% free to operate safely and without damaging the products.

If you have any questions, please contact the engineering department.